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                                              Cross Country Skiing Snowmobiling

You can rent snowmobiles at Bear Valley Snowmobile.



The following is from the Stanislaus National Forest Website:

  1. Bear Valley Trail: 1.5 miles of groomed intermediate trail from Lake Alpine SNOPARK to Bear Valley Village.
  2. Highway 4: During the winter months, Highway 4 (east of closure gate) is groomed for snowmobile use from the SNOPARK just east of Bear Valley to the top of Ebbetts Pass (approximately 15 miles) and to Highland Lakes. This trail has numerous segments, appropriate for different skill levels from novice to expert. As the trail climbs towards the pass, the views are spectacular. Opportunities exist for expert riders to continue riding on the un-groomed portion of the Highway on the east side of Ebbetts Pass. (Note: The groomed portion of Highway 4 is a multi-user trail, and is heavily used by nordic skiers as well as snowmobilers, particularly in the Lake Alpine region.)
  3. Spicer Reservoir Area: This are contains approximately 20 miles of groomed trail appropriate for novice to intermediate riders. The trail begins 1/4 mile from Highway 4 at the Spicer Reservoir Road parking area. The trail descends gradually approximately 2.5 miles to the Stanislaus River, where it crosses a bridge then ascends quickly out of the canyon. From this point, the trail offers a gentle, level ride to a 3-way intersection, 8 miles from the parking lot. Riders may continue on to Union and Utica Reservoirs, Summit and Elephant Rock Lakes, or the Spicer Reservoir Power House. Very experienced riders may continue on the un-groomed route along Slick Rock Road to access Lake Alpine.


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